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Monogram B

Monogram B

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These little “B’s” on a stick were made for a little guy named Brendan. Brendan’s mom, Joan, asked me if I could make these cookies for his baptism. She gave me the idea of the colors and she gave me a chance to create something new.

I really loved how the swirls came into play with the marshmallow fondant flower.


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Twin Babies in a Blanket



This cookie, by far, was very time consuming but one of my favorites.  The cookie itself is 4″ and design is made with all royal icing.  My inspiration came from Nancy’s Fancy Cookies where she made a single baby wrapped up in a blanket.  My good friend, Jenny, asked if I had any ideas for a baby shower for twins. Her husband mentioned having two babies in a blanket and a light bulb lit up in my head which reminded me of Nancy’s Fancy Cookies.  The heart shaped cookies seemed appropriate as well.

My dear sister from New York was in town at the time and helped me with the facial expression.  Thanks goodness she’s and illustrator with a steady hand.

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Happy Turkey Day


I designed these cookies last year for Thanksgiving. This cookie cutter came in a set. I knew I wanted to make cookie shaped turkey’s but I didn’t have a clue how to design the tail.  First I thought I would do zigzags, but it got too messy.  Then I thought I could use a different tip like the the Wilton leaf tip, but then it got too heavy looking.  Finally I tried the “drag the toothpick” technique. I loved how the tail and the wing turned out. It’s a simple design yet very visual.

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Thank you for taking the time to visit! I’ve decided to start blogging simply to add my story to my creations. My work is dedicated to all that have placed faith in me to create something wonderful for them.

Aileen Master

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