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New Cupcake Creation

I believe inspiration comes from everywhere. For me, it comes down to the wire when I have to come up with something, but when it clicks…I go full force and by the time I’m done, the kitchen is a wreck but worth it all.

My good friend Hazel gave me a call last week asking if I could make some buttercream cupcakes for a Heritage Makers workshop (www.SentimentalStories.net). Unfortunately my family and I were under the weather so I told I had to see how I was feeling by the weekend.  After taking many multiple meds, and lots of sleep I was ready to create.  After all the kids were in bed and all the toys were put away, I started to bake the cupcakes.  I thought to myself how easy these cupcakes would be..all I had to do was bake and make the buttercream and swirl it up!  Not that easy if I was out of powdered sugar!  I’ve never been in such a bind. I even went online searching for powdered sugar substitutes (which by the way is did not work for me!!!). 

I didn’t want to disappoint my good friend, so I had marshmallow fondant on hand and I decided to create something new.


I still can believe I made these!  Everytime I look at this pick, I get goosebumps because they look…”sooo cool!!!” I’ve seen pictures of cupcakes with embossing, but I never had the chance to try it. I’m hooked!


I use to be a stamp crafter a few years ago, but I found photoshop to be my true passion when making cards.  So, through the years, I haven’t figured out what to do with my stamp collection…now I do!



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Love Sign

love sign

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With our first daughter, we taught her how to sign in order to communicate with us when she was a baby/toddler. Nothing is more frustrating than a baby wanting something and can’t tell you what they want so they either cry or point. As month went by, Camryn would communicate “more” and “eat”. A few other signs came into her vocabulary such as horse, thank you, cookie, banana, grandma, grandpa.

By the time she was 2, we decreased the signing as her vocabulary increased. But one thing she still does is the “I love you” sign. This cookie is dedicated to my first daughter, Camryn, who taught us that signing is a beautiful language.

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