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On November 13th, I conducted my first cookie decorating class at Granita de Cafe. It was a lot of fun and a lot of planning, but overall, the participants went home with inspiration and a few yummy cookies!

Because this was a beginners class, I kept it simple. My ideas for the class were:
1) Icing consistencies.
2) Outlining and flooding.
3) Wet on wet icing techniques.
I opted not to show how to make the icing or bag the icing because the class was limited on time. Icing was prepped before the class started.

Each student was provided 3 big cookies (turkey, pumpkin & a leaf) and 3 mini cookies (2 leaves & 1 pumpkin). Here’s a few pictures.

Here’s Miranda decorating her leaves.

Millicent decorating her turkey cookie.

Millicent couldn’t believe she did this!

Here’s Madelyn’s Creations:

Here’s Ruby’s Creations:

Thank you to Granita de Cafe for allowing me to run my class. Also a big thank you to my students for teaching me the value of cookie art!

Next month, I’ll have a few more classes devoted to the Christmas/Winter theme.


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