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Happy summer to all.

In my long absence from this blog, I’ve selfishly stepped away from baking and taking orders to spend time with my family. It has been a wonderful 3 months enjoying every moment with my kids, my husband, my niece & nephew. The norm of late nights and lack of sleep took a toll on my health. I needed this time to re-energize my mind and creativity. With that said, I think I’ve been re-energized because I have completely fallen in love with this new creation I made this past weekend for Courtney’s baby shower.

I met Courtney through a local woman’s club we belong to. She’s has been so giving in the community throughout the years and when I got the invitation to her baby shower, I wanted to do something special for her. Being out of the baking/decorating skills for 3 months, I thought I’d be out of sync with it, but just like riding a bike, once you learn it…you never forget how to.


Between her busy schedule, Courtney’s a very talented seamstress. She really wanted a nautical theme for the baby’s nursery but couldn’t find the right design, so she made it herself. All the colors and designs I used were inspired by her nursery.

3 Sailboats

Sailboat Complete Set

Friends, Karen & Julie, that planned the shower, asked if I could make cupcakes for the shower and my mind start spinning with ideas…I think I went overboard but I had so much fun!!!

Cupcake Toppers

Red Velvet cupcakes

Vanilla Cupcakes

Courtney's cupcakes

I used this sailboat clipart for the cupcake toppers.

BUT….I didn’t stop there! I made the cookies, I made the cupcakes, but I still needed to make a gift. Do you want to guess what I made?
Here’s a hint…

Floating Sailboat

I’ve made a few of these diaper cakes over the years, but I think this one’s my favorite.

Courtney's Diaper Cake

And yes, the diaper cake is all diapers. It’s a very practical gift with a hint of creativeness.

It was definitely a great baby shower with great food and good company. Thank you to Karen & Julie for giving me the full reign of making these creations. Congratulations to Courtney and her husband on the new addition to their family. Can’t wait to meet the baby!!


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