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This past March, my friend Yvonne requested sushi shaped cookies for her daughter’s 10th birthday party. She had sushi as the main entree, sushi shaped cupcakes, sushi made out of rice crispies and candy. The girls also got to dress up in kimono’s and learned a few Japanese words.

I had a vision in mind, but wasn’t sure how to go about certain textures. I’ve seen jimmies used as the rice texture and I loved that idea. I also looked up clip art pictures of sushi. One thing I did want was the texture of nori sushi and I think I successfully got it!

sushi 02

The one challenge was the shrimp sushi. I can’t wait to retry this again in the future.

It was definitely fun to make and display on a platter just like a sushi platter!
sushi 01

Happy 10th Birthday to Isabella!


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Leilani called me to help her surprise her husband on his 40th birthday. They were celebrating Allen’s birthday at a Hawaiian Restaurant so the party theme would be Hawaiian. We went back and forth on a few ideas….surfboards, pineapples, hawaiian shirts, plumerias, turtles…but how do we incorporate the number 40? Leilani saw the pictures from Leelana & Gabriel’s wedding favors and loved the square cookie. My dilemma was to make the cookies “masculine”…Just finishing lots of baby shower cookies and kids birthday cookies, it’s very challenging to step back and think “grown up cookies”. Leilani gave the colors that she wanted brown, yellow, green & blue…and this is what I came up with…

Allen's 40th-complete set

Fun right? I do love this set a lot! The details were fun to make! My favorite has to be the hawaiian shirt.
Allen's 40-hawaiian shirt

I tried to replicate my husband’s hawaiian shirt. Next favorite are the turtles!

Swimming turtles

Plumeria’s are my all time favorite cookie shape to make! and the addition of the two yellow flowers with the #40 is so neat…but it needed more so last minute, I added the bamboo stick on the side.

Allen's 40th-plumerias

Happy birthday to Allen!
Allen's 40th Hawaiian Cookies

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