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This past March, my friend Yvonne requested sushi shaped cookies for her daughter’s 10th birthday party. She had sushi as the main entree, sushi shaped cupcakes, sushi made out of rice crispies and candy. The girls also got to dress up in kimono’s and learned a few Japanese words.

I had a vision in mind, but wasn’t sure how to go about certain textures. I’ve seen jimmies used as the rice texture and I loved that idea. I also looked up clip art pictures of sushi. One thing I did want was the texture of nori sushi and I think I successfully got it!

sushi 02

The one challenge was the shrimp sushi. I can’t wait to retry this again in the future.

It was definitely fun to make and display on a platter just like a sushi platter!
sushi 01

Happy 10th Birthday to Isabella!


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As I view this collection, I’m reminded how much I’ve missed decorating cookies. This is the smallest collection I’ve made in one year. I decide for 2012 that I would step away from decorating cookies and focus on volunteering at my children’s school. To be honest, I was getting tired of the late night hours of decorating. I was at the point that I was crying because I wasn’t having fun anymore.

My 2012 collection reflects my most detailed designs I’ve made yet. The great thing about taking less orders was the amount of time I got to spend on each design. I still got to create but didn’t have to make 300+ cookies every week.

Now that 2013 is here, I’m ready to come back to the creative world. I’ve already booked a few orders for the year and excited to see what comes next!!

So here it is, my 2012 cookie collection…I hope you enjoy!
Harajuku Favors for Ava! Harajuku Favors for Ava!

Harajuku cookies for Ava's cake

Harajuku cookies for Ava’s cake

Simple hearts for Valentine's Day

Simple hearts for Valentine’s Day

Camryn's Birthday Cookie platter

Camryn’s Birthday Cookie platter

Camryn designed this cookie for her 9 birthday

Camryn designed this cookie for her 9 birthday

Laura & Brian's Monogram Cookie

Laura & Brian’s Monogram Cookie

Laura & Brian's wedding cake cookie

Laura & Brian’s wedding cake cookie

Liam's 1st birthday basket

Liam’s 1st birthday basket

Jeanette's twin baby shower cookies

Jeanette’s twin baby shower cookies

Marie's Owl & Scrabble Baby Shower Cookies Marie’s Owl & Scrabble Baby Shower Cookies
Lopez Wedding Cupcakes

Lopez Wedding Cupcakes

Manny & Christina Cupcake
Turquoise Owls for Rhea's sister's baby shower

Turquoise Owls for baby shower

Daphne's 7th Birthday cupcake decorating party

Daphne’s 7th Birthday cupcake decorating party

Minnie Mouse Cookies for a 2 year old!

Minnie Mouse Cookies for a 2 year old!

Kaelyn's Minnie Mouse cookies

Kaelyn’s Minnie Mouse cookies

Coral Soccerball

Coral Soccerball

Thanksgiving cookies for the Varney Family

Thanksgiving cookies for the Varney Family

Sophia's 5 birthday Japanese character cookies

Sophia’s 5 birthday Japanese character cookies

Elaina's Hello Kitty Cake

Elaina’s Hello Kitty Cake

Fondant mini Christmas cookies

Fondant mini Christmas cookies

Christmas Stocking for the Varney Family

Christmas Stocking for the Varney Family

Santa's Cookies

Santa’s Cookies

Christmas Treats

Christmas Treats

Thanks for stopping by and hope 2013 brings more cookie designs!

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I wish I had the talents of cake decorators!  Designing cookies is one thing, but cakes are not my favorite to decorate. I love seeing all those awesome three tier cakes, topsy turvy cakes, fondant, gum paste flower, buttercream ruffles…I could go on!

For my daughter’s 5th birthday, she requested a Hello Kitty cake. The last time I made her a cake was for her first birthday.


Although the end results came out okay, I look at this cake and see lots of tears shed, many little flaws and 5 hours of work just decorating! This was one of my breaking moments that told me I wasn’t a cake decorator.

Now that Elaina’s 5th birthday was here, I wanted a cake that would feed all our guest and look cute. I went to the local wholesale store to purchase a full sheet cake. I originally wanted white frosting with chocolate cake, however, they only provided two types of cakes, white cake/white frosting or chocolate cake/chocolate frosting.Image

I specifically asked for them to score the cake which makes it easier to cut the cake in 48 slices evenly. But the main reason for the scoring was because of this next picture…


As you can see, the cookies fit nicely in the squares. This also allowed my daughter to put the cookies in patterns.


Last cookie down!

Now comes the letters!  Here’s a little trick, when I’m designing with words, I always start from the middle and work my way out so the word is even. Elaina couldn’t understand why we were starting with “I” when her name started with an “E”.Image



To make sure every slice of cake gets a cookie, Elaina made a row of cookies along the sides of the cake.


Elaina & Hello Kitty!


Here’s the complete cake. The “Happy Birthday” letters are made out of fondant and dried overnight.


She was very pleased with her cake especially since she got to decorate it herself!

As give-a-ways for the kids, I made homemade playdough and found these really neat plastic containers that stacked on each other nicely. Also attached were cookie cutters I bought years back for another party that I ended up not using.


Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Baking Everyone!

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What a way to celebrate the New Year with a birthday celebration. My good friend’s daughter, Gianna, turned one on 12/31/10. It’s amazing how a year goes by so fast. Her party theme was a butterflies & dragonflies. Mommy, Aisa, wanted cookies as favors for the party. She picked the colors & let me design them.

Out of the 8 dozen, this design was my favorite:

Gianna's Butterfly Favors

Butterfly favors displayed on tables

Aisa’s cousin, Debra, designed the beautiful cake below. We had exchanged emails during the week about coordinating colors and I was going to make a few cookies as accents on the cake. I ended up making Gianna’s name on cookie sticks along with mini flowers & butterflies. When Debra came in with the cake, I was so amazed at how beautiful it turned out!

Gianna's cake by Debra

The cake was beautiful the way it was and I was intimidated to even add anything else to it. When Debra added the two flower cookies on the top, I was so happy with that. We went back and forth about adding Gianna’s name to it because it would cover the top layer of the cake.

Gianna's cake by Debra before cookies on the cake

We decide go ahead and add the name and Debra put lots of mini fondant butterflies and dragonflies around the cake.

Gianna's finished cake

It was a pleasure working with Debra! If you’re in need of a cake designer, I highly recommend Debra. She’s currently attending college in Las Vegas so her schedule might be a bit full, but if you email me (aileen@amastercreation.com) I’ll forward your info to her.

Me & Debra

I had to leave shortly after this picture was taken, but I know Gianna had a wonderful first birthday!

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Elizabeth called me a few weeks ago for ideas for a family reunion. It was their first one and she wanted to make it special. We thought about a family tree with the monogram “J” would be really neat, but wasn’t really personal. Then we thought about putting mini flowers and leaves to hang from a tree to present the family tree. Those ideas didn’t pan out too well with the family. So Elizabeth’s niece saw the little kids I was making for the girl scout troops and thought that would be more appropriate for the reunion.

Here’s the first set of cookies…

Then the second set…

Now 109 little cookie people all together…

Lots of little cute faces, all personalized and Elizabeth made it a little easier and asked for the hair to be all the same color.

Needless to say, this was one order that was a labor of love! Happy Reunion to the Jones family. May they continue this wonderful tradition to celebrate family.

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Yes, I’m absolutely admitting my true addiction to a tv show on my blog. I have a lot of history with LOST the TV show. I started watching it into it’s second season. My second daughter was a few months old at the time and I heard about this show from a few friends and family. I wanted to know what all the hype was about so the first show I watched was Season 2 “The Other 48 days”…OH MY GOODNESS… it blew me away! And of course the title got me curious…what happened with the first 48 days. I got my husband to buy season one the very next day. Once my two girls were asleep, I put in the first disc…if you’re a LOST fan you remember that feeling when you watched the first show. Jack’s eye is staring at you for those few seconds and you’re thinking…what is this? Then the camera pans up and he’s lying on a forest ground. He sees a dog…then starts chasing it through a tropical forest…and then there’s a white shoe hanging from a tree…and then BOOM….blackness and the word LOST floating in mid air with that eerie one note tone. Yes, I’ve watched this first show about 10+ times. Since I was still nursing my daughter, at each feeding I watched an episode. Within three days i finished the first season!

When my third daughter was born, I was ecstatic to know that LOST S4 was going to accompany me once again (as well as S1, S2, S3 again)!!! I’ve read other LOST blogs, LOST sites, have a few LOST shirts, converted a few friends and family to join me in this LOST world. It’s actually the only show that my three sisters and I watch. I love that I would call them the next day and talk LOST!

As season 6 starts tomorrow…it’s bittersweet. Finally, we get answers to all the questions we’ve been holding for 5 years. Theories will be thrown out the door. And knowing in a few months it’ll all be over. Here’s my thanks to the most talented and creative cast, crew, creators, writers and actors of LOST. Thank you for the experience….it was a great ride!!!

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Leilani called me to help her surprise her husband on his 40th birthday. They were celebrating Allen’s birthday at a Hawaiian Restaurant so the party theme would be Hawaiian. We went back and forth on a few ideas….surfboards, pineapples, hawaiian shirts, plumerias, turtles…but how do we incorporate the number 40? Leilani saw the pictures from Leelana & Gabriel’s wedding favors and loved the square cookie. My dilemma was to make the cookies “masculine”…Just finishing lots of baby shower cookies and kids birthday cookies, it’s very challenging to step back and think “grown up cookies”. Leilani gave the colors that she wanted brown, yellow, green & blue…and this is what I came up with…

Allen's 40th-complete set

Fun right? I do love this set a lot! The details were fun to make! My favorite has to be the hawaiian shirt.
Allen's 40-hawaiian shirt

I tried to replicate my husband’s hawaiian shirt. Next favorite are the turtles!

Swimming turtles

Plumeria’s are my all time favorite cookie shape to make! and the addition of the two yellow flowers with the #40 is so neat…but it needed more so last minute, I added the bamboo stick on the side.

Allen's 40th-plumerias

Happy birthday to Allen!
Allen's 40th Hawaiian Cookies

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