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Aisa & Chris’ Baby Shower

I was very excited to make these cookies for my good friends Aisa & Chris. I’ve known Aisa since high school. It’s been a wonderful friendship that has seen lots of laughter and lots of tears, lots of turns in the roads but without a doubt, she is one friend true friend that I’d do anything for.

The baby shower was a Safari theme and all Aisa & Chris’ friends and family helped with this shower. It had to be one of the best team work I have seen in years! I was in charge of the favors so here’s what I came up with:

This is the complete set of cookies:

Baby Safari Rattles

Baby Safari Onesies

Giraffe Onesie & Rattle. These are my favorites!

Elephant Onesie & Rattle. I forgot to add the tail!

Tiger Onesie & Lion Rattle.

Monkey Onesie & Rattle.

Aisa & Chris have not picked out a name for the baby, so I thought of making safari themed cookie pops. Inspiration came from
SweetSugarBelle Cookies. I remember seeing her safari themed cookie when I made my queen of the jungle cookies.

As my gift, I made a diaper cake. The lion head was a last minute addition. I was going to make another baby carriage, but I figured the lion head would be better.

Last but certainly not least, I must show you all a very talented cake decorator. Aisa’s cousin, Debra, made this amazing cake! She worked all week on it on top of her full time school and work schedule. She traveled all the way from Las Vegas to deliver this cake. I’m so excited for her and can’t wait to see her continue her passion to make cakes.

Congratulations to Aisa & Chris! Can’t wait to meet the baby girl!


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Mustache cookies?

11/16/09-Revised post-I knew I should have had my sister read a draft of this before I posted. I have a few things that need to be corrected. Sorry Sam! Changes in bold.

Okay, these cookies have an interesting story that has to be told….

My older sister called me up last sunday excited of an idea she wanted to do for her friend’s birthday. She wanted to give him something original, unique and fun. Her friend Sam was doing a contest with another friend of who can grow a mustache faster. Sam was doing a fundraiser for the Movember Foundation where groups grow mustaches for the month of November and raise money for Prostate Cancer research and for the Lance Armstrong Foundation The deadline was 11/11 for the contest which apparently Sam’s birthday. is at the end of November. As an original, unique and fun birthday present, my sister thought of having me make mustache cookie. The kicker was she wanted them on Wednesday AND she lives in New York…I live in California. Pressure was on!

Originally I wanted to make actually mustache shaped cookies so when Sam received them, he could “try out” different mustache’s, but I was afraid they would break during the shipping. So my sister sent me a link Mustache silhouettes. So as a compromise, I followed these designs and added them on square and circle cookies.

Mustache cookies

I have to say I was so nervous making these! I think with the rush of getting them done and out the door the next day was on my mind. In order for me to get them done in time I had to used marshmallow fondant as the base and royal icing for the writing and designing. The nose was giving me problems, but I finally got the hang of it. I added the borders to give a final touch on the cookies. My sister wanted me to make the number of cookie to equal Sam’s age. For the last cookie she wanted a birthday greeting. She wanted me to change “November” to “Movember”…as an inside joke with the mustache’s.

Happy Birthday to Sam!!!

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It’s been over a decade since I last talked to my friend, Inger. Such a fun gal to hang out with and always wears a beautiful smile everywhere. With the magic of Facebook, we were reconnected and with a wonderful surprise that she got married a few months ago! Her friends and family wanted to throwing a wedding reception for Inger and Phil. To my surprise, she asked if I could make cupcakes for the reception. I beamed! How fun to make cupcakes for an old friend AND for her wedding reception. The reception was the same day as Elaina’s birthday and I knew we were going to have a little party for her, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to be a part of Inger & Phil’s wedding reception. It was a Hawaiian theme reception with the colors deep blue & white, so Inger saw my cupcakes I made for Rhonda (Cupcakes for Rhonda)

White & Blue flower cupcakes

Did I mention Inger wanted 160 cupcakes?
160 cupcakes

She also wanted to give decorated cookies to her wedding party so she wanted surfboards and plumeria’s.
wedding surfboardswedding party favors

Congratulations to Inger & Phil. May they have a wonderful life together!
Wedding cake with surfboards

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Elaina's 2nd Birthday
Why does time go by so fast when you watch your kids grow up? My littlest daughter is now two. More words to learn, more things to explore and more adventures to be made. She’s such a breath of fresh air and a wonderful cuddle buddy. Happy birthday to my baby…Elaina!

For her birthday, we decided to throw a small party with our family. There wasn’t a theme to the party so I picked two of my favorite cutters to make a few dozen cookies. The week of her birthday was Halloween week so I had a few orders to finish plus a 160 wedding cupcakes to finish and deliver on Elaina’s actual party. I don’t know how I survived that week but I had to push myself to make these cookies because my kids ARE the reason why I create what I create. They are my inspiration and my critics! And every week my kids would watch me make cookies for other parties and their little faces would always comment on which ones they want for their birthday and what colors are their favorites. If I give my all to each cookie I make for others, I can give 110% more for my kids birthdays. So here’s a few pictures:

Elaina's Cupcakes
Elaina's party hats
Elaina's complete set 2
elaina's complete set

After Elaina’s party, I realized the impact of overdoing too much and not getting enough sleep, because my body shut down and I came down with the flu! I was out for almost a week trying to recover! No regrets…and yes, I would do it all over again the same way for my baby….

Elaina's Many Faces
Happy Birthday Elaina!

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