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Last year at this time, I was making lots of baby girl cookies, which was great for me because I lean towards the more frilly and feminine designs. For me, boy themed parties are my challenge. Having three girls, it’s easy to come up with an idea for girl themed parties. So as each order rolled in, the common colors were blue, white and brown. I had to figure out something different for each one so here they are…

The Baby Oliver collection is very similar to past designs. I simply added the little heart on the feet and the argyle design on the onesies is cleaner. The name is always wonderful to personalize.

Baby boy collection #2 is also a familiar design. My favorite is definitely they bib with the “plaid” style.

Baby boy collection #3-The two tone blue really helped with these designs.

complete set of bibs.

Baby boy collection #4-really love this sport theme. The balls are all made out of marshmallow fondant and detailed work was made with edible markers.

Crossing my fingers for some baby girls to come join in on the fun!


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Jordyn’s Chef Hats

Jordyn is a sweet little girl in my daughter, Daphne’s, preschool. She was having a cooking party at a place called Young Chef Academy. Jordyn’s mom (Shannon) asked if I could make a cookie to reflect the theme of the party. Since the kids were making pizza’s, we thought about making mini cookies of ingredients that would go on pizzas. That didn’t work. Then Shannon remembered my camping cookies with the strawberries and thought different kinds of foods would be great. That didn’t work either. So we thought a chef hat would be most appropriate.

I didn’t have a cookie cutter shaped in a chef’s hat, but since there were only 20, I was able to hand cut them easily. We thought it would be a nice add a little color to the hats, so the band of blue and pink really made the chef hats pop. I was planning to outline the hat in black, but since i was adding their names to the cookies, I wanted their names to pop out.

Here’s Daphne in her chef hat… Maybe this is a sign she will follow in her mom’s footsteps and love to bake and cook ^_^

Overall, we had a great time and the birthday girl was just excited that all her friends were there just for her.
Happy birthday Chef Jordyn!

Daphne with the birthday girl, Jordyn

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Yes, I’m absolutely admitting my true addiction to a tv show on my blog. I have a lot of history with LOST the TV show. I started watching it into it’s second season. My second daughter was a few months old at the time and I heard about this show from a few friends and family. I wanted to know what all the hype was about so the first show I watched was Season 2 “The Other 48 days”…OH MY GOODNESS… it blew me away! And of course the title got me curious…what happened with the first 48 days. I got my husband to buy season one the very next day. Once my two girls were asleep, I put in the first disc…if you’re a LOST fan you remember that feeling when you watched the first show. Jack’s eye is staring at you for those few seconds and you’re thinking…what is this? Then the camera pans up and he’s lying on a forest ground. He sees a dog…then starts chasing it through a tropical forest…and then there’s a white shoe hanging from a tree…and then BOOM….blackness and the word LOST floating in mid air with that eerie one note tone. Yes, I’ve watched this first show about 10+ times. Since I was still nursing my daughter, at each feeding I watched an episode. Within three days i finished the first season!

When my third daughter was born, I was ecstatic to know that LOST S4 was going to accompany me once again (as well as S1, S2, S3 again)!!! I’ve read other LOST blogs, LOST sites, have a few LOST shirts, converted a few friends and family to join me in this LOST world. It’s actually the only show that my three sisters and I watch. I love that I would call them the next day and talk LOST!

As season 6 starts tomorrow…it’s bittersweet. Finally, we get answers to all the questions we’ve been holding for 5 years. Theories will be thrown out the door. And knowing in a few months it’ll all be over. Here’s my thanks to the most talented and creative cast, crew, creators, writers and actors of LOST. Thank you for the experience….it was a great ride!!!

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